Passionate about the integration of digital media technologies in educational content and contributing to the future of eLearning and Edutainment.

A solid foundation in both Science and Arts, and capable of solving problems logically and resourcefully.


Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia.

I received my undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia with a major in Physics. I went on to pursue a Masters degree at the Centre for Digital Media, learning how to turn my programming hobby into a career.

Currently, I am a software engineer at Disney Club Penguin, one of the leading children's massive multiplayer online games on web and mobile.


I love architecture.

I enjoy creating useful and useless things with my hands.

I also have an unhealthy obsession with frogs. Enough to make a blog about them.





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Welcome to the web portfolio of developer & designer Jeunessa Cheng.

I am a software programmer.
And the occasional artist.

I strive to create immersive and engaging experiences.

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Design Jam 2009
48 Hours

Adobe Flash CS5

Created for the 48-Hour Design Jam event, "Boblivious" is an eccentric side-scrolling Flash game that pits an oblivious Bob against a hoard of whimsical threats.

Flash programmer, content integrator.

Appropriate time management and scoping played a significant role in our success. Prototyping early and having a playable game after a day allowed us to reiterate and solve problems efficiently.
Boblivious title screen.
Boblivious title screen.
Boblivious title screen.
Boblivious title screen.

Tummy Tumbler

Masters Graduate Project
Jan - May 2011

Unity3DPhotoshop CS43D Studio MaxDrupal

SMILE is a Social Media Intranet Learning Environment built for teachers, students and parents using open-source software by providing an affordable, safe and easy-to-use framework that enhances collaboration and interaction in and out of the classroom. SMILE consists of a social media web-based community using open source software, and a prototype of an interactive application (add-on 3D app) about the Digestive System.

Unity Programmer for the SMILE App

Working in a 3D environment using Unity3D and programming with C# and Javascript.
SMILE main page.
Tummy Tumbler app within the SMILE framework.
Tummy Tumbler title screen.
Taste buds mini-game.
Saliva Survival mini-game instructions.
Corn Lennon crossing the pool of saliva.

Canadian Pacific Railway Database Project
Summer Internship
Jun-Aug 2010

Adobe Flash CS5Photoshop CS4Northcode SWF StudioMicrosoft Excel

The BC Division of Canadian Pacific decided they needed a mitigation plan to preserve the many paper documents in storage - thus, the Digitization Project was initiated to began the process of creating a digital database of all BC's internal documents.

Database Technician - created the database system from the ground up.

There was a huge amount of data that need to processed by this system, and most commericial software for database creation is efficient, but not very usable or attractive. Flash was used for the shell and Excel was used to manage the organization.
CPR main page
CPR Subdivision selection screen
Selected subdivision
Mileage selection screen
Document selection
Evergreen Line

Journey to Enlightenment
View Game
MDM Student Project
Sept - Nov 2009

Adobe Flash CS5Adobe Illustrator CS4

Journey to Enlightenment is an educational Flash game developed for the International Buddhist Temple. The game is in the style of a RPG where the key teachings of Buddhism can be explored and practiced in a virtual, fantastical world.

Flash programmer, User Interface designer, loading sequence art.

Scope was a huge issue because the original concept saw the game including five unique regions and five quests - fortunately, the game was scaled down to ensure a quality deliverable.
Journey to Enlightenment Title Screen
Buddha offers a tutorial.
Wise words from a wise man.
Speaking to the village farmer.
The inventory screen.
Inspiration from the International Buddhist Temple.

Interactive Flash website

Adobe Flash CS5Paint Shop Pro

An interactive town featuring several mini games, such as a burger shop, a busy housewife tending to her husband, and a "Price is Right"-style guessing game. Created for TAKOYAKIs Translations, a group dedicated to translating Japanese comics for English readers.

As the sole web designer, I developed everything for this project, including art, programming and website creation.

I had only dealt with very simple interactive features in Flash before, so making the jump to creating games was a great learning experience - I learned basic scoring and time-based gameplay, and techniques to reduce loading times.
Jackson's Burger Game
Housewife Hachiko.
The Right Price mini-game.

May 2011 - November 2012

Adobe Flash CS5Adobe Photoshop CS4Adobe Soundbooth CS5

Cackleberries is a children's edutainment company dedicated to creating a safe and educational immersive environment for ESL and EFL learning. My projects include designing and implementing a time and completion-based ESL Classroom system that delivers daily lessons and exercises within the framework of a standalone Adobe Air 2 application, tracking student progress and updating supplementary content. Implemented over fifteen scenes, several mini-games, character AI, within the virtual world of Oville. Worked on the Variety Children's Charity House project, a dedicated space for promoting understanding and awareness of children with special needs.

Flash developer.

Working on a team of four other programmers and making use of versioning software and communication to mitigate code and file conflicts. Coordinating workflows between artists, animators, designers, and sound crew to reach project deadlines smoothly. Rapid development on multiple projects in tight, two-week sprints.

The Cackpal
Town Round
The Right Price mini-game.
Frobit Fling
The ESL Classroom
Lesson Video
Frobit House

Media Smarts: MyWorld Official Page
Industry Project | Summer Internship | Contract
Jan - Dec 2010

Adobe Flash CS5Adobe Illustrator CS4

MyWorld is an online Flash-based tutorial for high school students learning how to deal with the challenges of Internet safety and privacy, produced for Media Smarts (formally the Media Awareness Network). It began as a 4-month industry project in my Masters program, continued as another 4-month summer internship, and I stayed on for another 4 months as a contract programmer.

Flash programmer, QA, web/art/video integration and troubleshooting

The greatest challenge was determining how to structure the whole tutorial in an efficient manner, as it was essentially a simplified operating system with several storylines. I learned Actionscript 3 for this project, as well as best practices in OOP.

MyWorld login.
MyWorld introduction.
MyWorld desktop
Chapter Scorecard

Game Design Course Project
Nov - Dec 2010

Adobe Flash CS5Adobe Illustrator CS4

Shed a skin, wear a new one. Persona is a mystery and crime-solving board game where players take on roles of townspeople who have all been involved in a common crime, and the town's sheriff is determined to find who is responsible. We chose a unique target audience, young females who want to relive the days of dress-up dolls in a game setting of crime and mystery. This final Game Design project had us create and iterate on a full-fledged Game Design Document and a working prototype.

Shared the role of Game Designer with two fellow classmates, created art assets in digital and paper form, and assembled final packaging for the board game.

Persona gameboard
Persona buildings
Game spinners
Changing room
Persona game pieces.

Mobile Game
Jan 2012 - present

Unity3DPaint Shop ProPhotoshop CS4

iBeg is a mobile game coming to IOS and Android platforms that simulates the life of a homeless person living on the streets of Vancouver, BC. Players step into the shoes of a homeless avatar and have to beg for money in order to survive. We hope the game will raise awareness of the issue in our city, as well as around the world, and also provide a means for players to support organizations that help the homeless. Expected release in Spring 2015.

Artist - responsible for all in-game and promotional artwork. Background and character designs; character animations, including walk cycles, idles, and reactions; HUD/UI elements and screen layouts.

iBeg Title screen
Sob story
House customization
Hot dog stand
Can and bottle collection
Intro storyboard

Design by Numbers
Personal project

Adobe Flash CS5Swift3D

Furniture design concepts based on the 9 digits - inspired by IKEA furniture catalogues.

Furniture design requires a blend of artistry and functionality, which in itself was a fun challenge - however, having little to no experience with 3D modeling and rendering, I chose to use Swift3D with its simple interface and compatibility with Flash.

Club Penguin
Jan 2013 - present

Adobe Flash CS5

Club Penguin is a massively multiplayer online virtual world for kids with a strong commitment to safety, creativity, and self expression. Players live through penguin avatars who inhabit a snow-covered island with a host of wacky characters, games, and quests. Every month, a themed party comes to the island offering party quest activities, items, and unique player functionality like transformations, new projectiles, and a whole lot of fun!

Client Software Engineer - player functionality, rooms, UI, mini-games, and quest systems.

Working in a multiplayer environment - as a client developer, all user cases need to be handled. Tight deadlines and juggling multiple projects simultaneously.

Star Wars Party
Marvel Superhero Takeover
Teen Beach Party
EPF Party
Fair Party
Future Party

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Collaborative Project
Jan - Oct 2014

Squeak! is a mobile app designed to help the working professional plan fun and healthy breaks throughout their day.

Break reminders come in the form of activity suggestions - from stretching to snacks to entertainment, you'll find the right break for the right time.

As a programmer, it is easy to get immersed in coding seated at a desk for long hours. Having experienced the adverse effects of continuous physical inactivity first-hand led me to approach my good friend and talented UX designer Daniela Pichardo to develop Squeak! to remind myself and others to stay active and keep moving.

Objective-C programmer

This side project was essentially my crash-course in Objective-C and Xcode, as I wanted to learn native iOS development and the full development cycle involved in publishing an app to the AppStore.

The most challenging tasks faced were learning how to manipulate UILocalNotifications, dealing with multiple gestures in TableViews, designing for different phone resolutions, and storing custom VOs.
Plan breaks for your day.
Multiple Break Modes
Break suggestions for any time of the day.
Time dial
Break Statistics